“CSI” Copper Silver Ionization Legionella growth prevention tools for consultant engineers and other industry professionals.

Receive industry standard “performance” & “open” Copper Silver Ionization specifications.

Copper Silver Ionization Legionella Growth Prevention Tools to evaluate engineering project requirements, generate MEP engineering performance specs, access support documents & get technology price quotes.

copper silver ionization

Easy to use online tools that save Engineers and Consultants time with DHW or POE Legionella growth prevention applications.

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  • Custom performance CSI specs tailored to your project!
  • Industry related PDF documents,
  • Legionella growth prevention support.

Copper Silver Ionization Legionella

What is the Portal-Hub.com network process and how can it save you time?

With the use of the DARTS process mentioned bellow, Portal-Hub.com users are guided in an easy to use evaluation process than can take as little as 3 minutes.
The user is then presented with custom “OPEN” documents to study and if acceptable, include these documents in their MEP design stage projects to help them hit their Legionella growth prevention objectives.” Register Today! – Click Here

Copper Silver Ionization Legionella